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Kashmir is rightly referred to as "Paradise on Earth" because of its snow-capped mountains, enchanting valleys, and pristine, almost holy surroundings. However, the stunning state is about much more than its heavenly beauty. Kashmiri food is the star of the show, at least for food lovers and foodie travelers.

Kashmiri cuisine is based on vegetables, meat, and rice, with a lot of yogurts, cardamom, cloves, and fennel powder used to flavor their fragrant dishes. The use of mustard oil as a cooking medium and Kashmiri red chili powder, which gives the Kashmiri food that distinct deep red hue, is simply outstanding, to say the least.

So, before the drool seeps out and dries the carpet, let's quickly learn about the various delectable Kashmiri dishes that you should try at least once in your life.

So, we at The Wanderer India present you with some authentic Kashmiri Foods do not miss while visiting this beautiful place.

1- Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is one of the most well-known Kashmiri dishes that is surely a deal with for the flavor buds. However, it isn’t the sort of Kashmiri Food you'll discover any time, however the best tricky activities name for its tricky preparation. This Kashmiri delicacy that appears and tastes similarly royal is made with lamb cooked with onions, garlic, cardamom, and Kashmiri crimson chili powder is concocted in oodles of fragrant ghee and love.

Image credit - https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/lamb-rogan-josh-3/budm6xad

2 - Yogurt Lamb Curry

Naat Yakhn, also known as yogurt lamb curry, is a hearty yogurt-based lamb curry flavored with mawal flowers, black and green cardamoms, onion paste, and dry mint leaves. Kashmiri to the core!

Image Credit - https://www.archanaskitchen.com/

3 - Chaaman

With a unique twist on the same old wealthy gravies of onion, tomatoes, and cream, Chaaman is an excellent cottage cheese (paneer) dish popularly cooked in Kashmiri homes. This yellow paneer curry is a number of the few Kashmiri savory Foods that use turmeric. The golden fried cottage cheese cubes are boiled in a pot of water consisting of various spices along with cloves, cardamom, fennel powder, and saunth or dried ginger powder, which interprets the standard paneer right into a lip-smacking curry this is quality eaten with a platter of steaming basmati rice.

4 - Kulcha

What better way to start your culinary journey in Kashmir's valleys than with its breakfast staple, kulcha? No way. It is not the typical kulcha found throughout Northern India, but rather a unique creation found only in Jammu and Kashmir.

5 - Sheer Chai

Another clean beverage from the land of snow, Sheer Chai or midday chai (midday = salt), is a unique and integral part of the Kashmiri Food scene. Made with a unique form of tea leaves, this brew is made with milk, water, a pinch of baking soda, and dry culmination like pistachios and almonds. The natives delight in this tea with unique skinny noodles known as feni dipped withinside the concoction. This scrumptious Kashmiri dish, being savory, this tea isn't the cup of tea for everyone *pun intended.

Image credit - https://www.firsttimercook.com/

6 - Yakhni

Another heavenly providing from the spectacular Kashmiri cuisine, Yakhni is mutton cooked in a yogurt-primarily based gravy. This dish is made with the aid of using marinating the portions of mutton in curd and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, fennel, etc., after which cooked with a few greater of the great things in mustard oil. One of the satisfactory matters that might have occurred to global gastronomy, Yakhni is a Kashmiri Food that’s each an awesome recipe and a tantalizing deal with for the senses.

Image credit - https://swatisani.net/kitchen/recipe/kashmiri-yakhni-mutton/

7 - Roth

Roth is revered in traditional Kashmiri cuisine. During the auspicious time of Kashmiri New Year, it is made as a ritual among the Kashmiri Pundit community. Roth is a sweet flatbread that is made with flour, sugar, and clarified butter or ghee.

8 - Goshtaba

Goshtaba is a Kashmiri delicacy that you should not miss while visiting the valleys. It is a dish with a royal taste that is frequently regarded as a royal treat. It's similar to western meatballs, but with a desi tadka and a better taste. It's made with minced meat, yogurt gravy, and the best Kashmiri spices.

Image credit - https://i.ndtvimg.com/

9 - Khatte Baingan

This is typically served as an aspect dish in Kashmiri feasts and ceremonies for its pop flavors. Its golden fried aubergines are laced in a thick, spicy, and zingy gravy.

Image credit - https://c.ndtvimg.com/

10 - Paneer Chaman

Every paneer lover's dream comes true with this traditional Kashmiri dish. Slowly cooked in milk, rich cottage cheese sprinkled with brown and green cardamom becomes tender, rich, and brown.

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