Mountains Meet Lake


We love writing about our passions, what interests us, and what interests others. The Wanderer India provides unique and practical-based experiences content, we believe in changing the way the world, experiences the world. We started The Wanderer India with a vision to offer practical-based experiences content that will help our users to explore more and more. 

Meet The Team


Nikhil Singh

Founder & CEO

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Nikhil Singh is the Founder and CEO of The Wanderer India, an internet-based company. An enthusiastic Digital Marketer who belongs to a Computer Science background love to explore new things digitally. He is also Experience in marketing, maintaining, and promoting the product in the online world.


Vivek Agarwal


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Passionate about helping people through social work, Vivek empathizes with worldly struggles through his poetry. A passionate digital marketer who loves to plan and manage marketing strategies to build a brand's visibility online.